My name is Madison Alves, I am currently a student at Colby-Sawyer College in New London, NH working on my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts: Studio Arts degree with a minor in Psychology. After going off to college as a psychology major I ended up rediscovering my real passion for art, specifically ceramics. I decided that I wanted to commit to exploring my artistic passion as a career. I am primarily a ceramic artist, but I dabble in drawings and paintings and other such creative pastimes as well. I would say that my biggest passion is a combination of art and psychology; to enlighten individuals about the impact of art on mental health. I do this by using my knowledge and experience within each field to not only grow my skills but share my passion for the strong connection available between them. I hope to make connections with like-minded individuals and companies as a way for me to build a thoughtfully artistic community; where mental health issues can be transformed and released into an artistic passion.